How to Defeat Job Stress  

Job stress is not caused due to past trauma, stress occurs due to the pressure of daily work. Job stress is caused by work over hours, heavy workload, or workaholic can result in physical and mental disorders such as feeling lazy to wake up in the morning, irritability, insomnia, diarrhea, constipation, etc. This disorder is the first sign of something wrong in one’s life. Workplace stress is generally caused by some things like excessive workload. Saturated with monotonous work. Job type is not in accordance with interest. The unfavorable working atmosphere. The treatment of unsympathetic superiors. Every cause of workplace stress requires a different solution. Find out first what causes your work stress and then look for ways to solve it. Sundays and work leave should be maximally utilized as a means of releasing work-related tension, for example by joining the ayahuasca healing Iowaska who will invite you to unite with nature and reduce your stress levels with ayahuasca retreat and meditation and camp together.

Of the causes of stress above the most difficult to overcome is the treatment of superiors who are not sympathetic, often angry, rude and even bullying. Do not underestimate the stress of work because it can impact on performance, excessive work does not produce good performance will instead happen otherwise. Unworked work stress can have an impact on physical health such as heart disease and stroke. There are several things that can be done to overcome the stress of work is to take advantage of vacation time at the weekend optimally, do not bring unfinished work at home, vacation out of town, listening to music, meditation or relaxation, watching comedy movies, always grateful in every condition, Looking for work that fits your interests and talents, do not overemphasize unacceptable jobs just because of the difficult reasons of finding a job.

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