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The Effect Of Hardware With Tone On The Guitar

Maybe you are also one of the guitarists or bassists who are not satisfied with the sound character of your favorite instrument. Not satisfied with the settings on the guitar or maybe looking for a telecaster bridge. As time progresses and knowledge of instruments and sound references increases, musicians usually want to have specific tones that they want to implement on the instruments they play.

The tone referred to here is not a potential tone knob like those found on basses and guitars, but the basic sound character of an instrument when played with or without amplification. Without amplification, this electric instrument we are talking about still has a basic tone character.

Try playing several types and brands of instruments and then compare the tones. As we know and are often mentioned in the discussion at Divertune, the composition of wood, hardware, and pickups contribute to the tone character of an instrument. But one tone character does not mean it is better or better than another. As a cliché, it all depends on taste.

When talking about tone, the scope of the discussion is very diverse, considering that many elements influence the formation of the tone character. In humans, tone can be likened to the character of the sound that comes out of the throat. There are baritone, soprano, tenor, and alto types. The same is true for stringed instruments. If you want to break it down, the following things affect the basic character of the tone:

– Body and neck wood material and construction
– Scale length – Hardware material (frets and sizes, nuts, bridges, and saddles)
– Bridge type
– Neck to body connection construction
– Action strings
– strings
– Pickup
– Height of the pickup towards the strings – Electronic components
– Pickguard and material – Pick and picking method

From the tip of the headstock to the tip of the body, almost all elements affect the basic character of the tone. Some of the above topics have been discussed here and some are also frequently mentioned and emphasized when reviewing instruments, to explain that they play a role in the basic character of the instrument.

The wood material of the body and neck provides the basic foundation of tone as a resonance medium that is transmitted from the vibrations and energy of the strings. Please open Musiccorner edition IV to find out the basic wood characters.