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Understand How To Anticipate Data Theft On the Internet

Using internet services in this day and age has become something that is very much needed. Because with the internet, users can easily search or get as much information as possible. As long as there is an internet connection, surfing the virtual world feels very pleasant. Especially if you work as an entrepreneur or online business trader, it is very helpful to have the internet to market the products or services you sell.

But with the convenience provided, some hackers try to sabotage the internet to commit a series of cybercrimes. One of the crimes that are currently rife is the theft of personal data on the internet. These hackers justify various ways by infiltrating or spreading a series of viruses into the internet. Even though there is no real loss that you get from the theft of data, don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer like mike morse to help you find the hackers who stole your data.

What do you need to do?
In order not to experience this, Exabytes will provide several ways how to anticipate data theft on the internet, pay attention!

Create Password Variations in Every Account You Have
In an era that is increasingly developing, of course, many social media platforms have sprung up, such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and many more. On all these social media platforms, before you can enjoy all of its features, you are required to create an account. As a result, if you use all of these social media platforms, you automatically have to have several accounts.

Usually, the easiest way is so you don’t forget your password, you will create the same login for all social media accounts, right? Did you know, it turns out that this makes it easier for hackers to take your important data, you know. How come? Yes, this can happen because if one of our social media accounts is hacked, usually hackers will try it on your other social media accounts.

Check Received Email
Exabytes Friends, have you ever received some suspicious emails in your inbox containing links? Or an email whose sender’s email address is similar to that of big companies? What do you usually do? Curious to open or just ignore it?

This is usually still a lot of people who are still fooled or deceived by the address. Therefore, before you open the email and the link, it would be better to first check the authenticity of the sender’s email. Because it could be a spam email in which a virus has been infiltrated which when you click, hackers will immediately take your important data.