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How To Increase Motivation For Yourself?

Sometimes we experience failure, disappointment, or a sense of boredom in life that causes a loss of motivation. Motivation is very important to help us achieve goals, solve problems, face challenges, and take opportunities. Not only that, motivational speeches are sometimes needed to change bad habits.

Rediscovering Motivation for Yourself
Loss of motivation can harm a person’s quality of life, including causing various health problems and illnesses, such as depression.
Well, to prevent this, here are some ways you can do to increase your self-motivation:

1. Set and write goals
Set goals or targets to be achieved in life that is specific, clear, objective, and realistic. Then, write these goals down in your agenda book, or on a piece of paper and stick it on the wall in your bedroom or workspace.

If necessary, attach a paper containing motivational sentences from famous figures that can inspire you to keep moving towards that goal.

Aside from being a reminder, this method will make you more enthusiastic and committed to the goals you have set.

2. Plan well and directed
Make a plan and layout the steps to achieve your goals. You can break it down into small or simple tasks, with achievable targets in the short term.

Write down the list of tasks in a book, and put a checkmark on each task that you have done. This way, your goals won’t feel too heavy or too far to reach.

You will also be more excited to complete the next tasks with a higher target. Maintain and maintain a routine that has been built. When you feel bored, you can switch for a moment to another routine that is in line with your goals, or just do a hobby to refresh your mind.

3. Overcome the fear of failure
Tell your goals and dreams only to people you trust. This is to avoid too much criticism from others when you experience failure.

4. Be positive
Fill your days with conversations, activities, or situations and people who can inspire you to achieve your goals. For example, attending seminars, reading self-help and motivational books, or watching positive content on television and the internet.

Fill your heart with gratitude, and don’t always compare yourself to others. Get rid of all negative thoughts and believe that you can achieve the goals you have set.