Maintaining the Health of the Child’s Body  

Child health is the number one priority. That is what generally exists in every parent’s mind. The problem is, keeping your child healthy is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. As a solution, there are a number of ways to maintain a child’s health that you can do so that he is not easily sick and can develop optimally. You can also see to keep your child safe.

Compared to adults, children are more susceptible to disease. Because the immune system at that age has not been formed perfectly. So it is not surprising if there are many children who are easily infected with flu to smallpox. Although not able to protect for 24 hours, some of the following ways to maintain the health of the child’s body can at least reduce the risk of disease.

1. Get used to the child diligently washing hands
Getting used to children to diligently wash hands properly is one of the simplest ways to maintain the health of the child’s body. Teach children to wash their hands after throwing snot, using the toilet, and before and after eating. That way, you can help reduce the risk of children with disease and prevent them from spreading disease to others, including his friends at school.

2. Improve the child’s immune system
Various diseases can be avoided as long as children have a good immune system. To increase his immunity, make sure the child gets enough sleep, eat healthy food, and exercise regularly. Mental health also needs to be considered in maintaining a child’s immune system. Therefore, you need to make sure that children are not too stressed in living their lives, both at school and at home. Make sure he has enough time to play and joke with the people closest to him.

3. Teach healthy habits
Do not share glasses or toothbrush with others. In addition, teach to close his mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing as a way to care for the child’s body. Do not also too close to people who are coughing or sneezing because germs can move, causing children to be sick.

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