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Do You Know These Interesting Facts About White Roses?

Have you ever seen a white rose? The rose is also called the queen of flowers because of its beauty which is loved by many people. In addition, roses also have many types and colors that have different meanings. Starting from the most famous red roses, various mythical colors of roses such as black roses, to white roses that symbolize goodness. Besides having various meanings, almost every rose color also has a myth or story behind it, one of which is a white rose. If you want to buy this rose or other flowers, you can check out and order sainsburys flower delivery.

According to the myth, all roses used to be white, but because of the legend, eventually, there were various colors of roses.

Myths from Ancient Greece

One of the most famous myths about white roses comes from Ancient Greece. In the myth, it is stated that once all roses were white, so the white rose was considered the oldest rose in the world. At that time, Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, was accidentally stabbed by a white rose thorn she was holding. The thorn injured Aphrodite’s finger, bleeding and rose. The white is exposed to blood, turning it red. This is what then creates another rose color, namely red rose.

White Rose as a Symbol of Kindness

Compared to other colors, white roses have the longest history. Its pure white color makes white roses used as a symbol of kindness. Besides that, white roses have a good meaning, this flower is also often used in sacred events. For example, used in weddings, symbolizing sincere affection and respect to commemorate someone’s services.

White roses are also often used to show sympathy, for example when a disaster occurs, people will put white roses at the scene of the disaster.

Roses are nicknamed the Queen of Flowers

White rose is also called as Queen of Flowers. The first reason, roses can be used as a cosmetic ingredient, there is even rose water that can smooth the skin. Roses are also known as the main ingredient used to make perfume. In addition, the beauty of roses has been admired for thousands of years by queens, emperors, poets, and painters. Roses are also widely chosen as flowers that are used to express affection for someone special.